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Dick Gordon


Dick Gordon has deep roots in sales, having helped to start a life insurance company in the 1970s, later working as a captive agent before starting a brokerage company to serve agents. Dick's first sales success was in the animal feed business in rural Ohio, where he became one of the top salesmen in the state while still in his 20s. Margaret left the Old Order Amish and met Dick in 1964 and their combined talents led them to build a string of successful restaurants in Ft. Wayne, Indiana while raising 6 kids. Spoilage, staffing and long hours sent Dick back into sales.

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Sylvia Gordon


As the President of Gordon Marketing, Sylvia is responsible for guiding the company's strategic direction and day-to-day operations. Gordon Marketing has over 10,000 agents under contract and has grown to one of the nation's largest multi-mark FMOs. Together with her sister, Rebecca, she has managed to work daily with 10 members of her extended family and find joy in insurance (even when the two seem mutually exclusive).


Sylvia is the fourth child in a long family line of insurance sales people. She was asked (sternly) to speak at her first insurance convention at the age of 13, a thrill she gladly let her daughter, Margaret, relive when she turned 13. Speaking to groups of agents is the life-blood of Gordon Marketing and Sylvia is a much sought out speaker. Her Continuing Education classes rely heavily on her own field sales experiences as she continues to sell to consumers when she isn't training agents.

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Rebecca Gordon

Vice President

Rebecca develops our company's strategic direction and oversees day to day operations of a staff of 100 support personnel. As the Vice President of Gordon Marketing, Rebecca is also responsible for managing the Major Medical Division. Gordon Marketing has over 10,000 agents under contract and has grown to one of the nation's largest multi-market FMOs thanks to Rebecca's endless training classes.


As the youngest of six, Rebecca somehow emerged out from under the weight of all the other Gordons to become a very charismatic leader. She is a great speaker and her video training classes have over 30,000 views.See below.